Fresh Baked Cakes

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Rainbow Layer Cake - 10"

Coming in at 7lbs (plenty to share!) this beautiful fluffy cake has five fun, bright and colorful layers. Perfect for any happy and festive occasion... More info

Carrot Layer Cake - 10"

Carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. Hand decorated with icing carrots for an amazing finish. Made with grated carrots, coconut, raisins,... More info

Almond Berry Cake - 10"

This moist white cake is filled and covered with a rich almond flavored pastry cream. The sides are covered with almond cookie crumbs and the cake is topped... More info

Strawberry Cheesecake - 10"

There's only one way to make our cheesecakes taste even better - add fruit! We've topped off New York cheesecake with a generous helping of strawberry... More info

Key Lime Cake

The perfect balance between sweet and tart makes this luscious moist cake is a best seller. Created over 30 years ago this cake is filled with 100% all... More info

Island Rum Cake

Nutty pecan crunchiness and the heat of the rum adds warmth to every bite of this exotic island treasure. Real tropical spirit saturates this incredibly... More info

Chocolate Chip Bundt

A classic chocolate vanilla combination with the same moistness that is found in all our cakes. Loaded with plenty of real gourmet chocolate chips instantly... More info

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