Fresh Baked Cakes

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Rainbow Layer Cake - 10"

Coming in at 7lbs (plenty to share!) this beautiful fluffy cake has five fun, bright and colorful layers. Perfect for any happy and festive occasion... More info

Carrot Layer Cake - 10"

Carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. Hand decorated with icing carrots for an amazing finish. Made with grated carrots, coconut, raisins,... More info

Strawberry Cheesecake - 10"

There's only one way to make our cheesecakes taste even better - add fruit! We've topped off New York cheesecake with a generous helping of strawberry... More info

Raspberry Almond Tart - 9.5"

Selected as the Outstanding New Product Winner at the International Fancy Food Show. This gorgeous and delicious tart is a butter cookie tart shell filled... More info

Lemon Flower Tart - 9.5"

A butter cookie tart shell is filled with a smooth creamy lemon curd, bursting with the flavor of fresh lemons. Not too sweet, not too tart; this very pretty... More info

Mountain Berry Tart - 9.5"

Winner of the Outstanding Dessert Product at the International Fancy Food Show. A butter cookie tart shell is filled with a light almond flavored pastry... More info